Retail Sales Tips

Retail Sales Tips

Tip#1: Consumer traffic increase

How to determine consumer traffic before opening a retail store? It’s very simple as stated in retail salesman tips: stand at the door of your future store and count the people who walked on by you and whose gaze was directed in your store. This is the total number of potential visitors. For a more accurate portrait, count the gender and age of people. If you have a portrait of your client, you can understand the potential outlet’s traffic by ordinary passers-by.

Tip#2: Attractive signboard

Retail sales’ shop has potential passers-by. Now we need to attract them. An attractive signboard will help realize this. It must be:

  • visible and conspicuous.
  • make it clear what product or service a person will get outside the door.
  • attract with the advantages of buying in this place (assortment, low prices, high quality, etc.)

Unfortunately, in most cases, it is possible to determine the effectiveness of this or that sign only empirically.

Tip#3: Create unique selling point (USP)

It is not always possible to find a checkpoint and have a smart signboard. But there is one thing that can be done even in the backyard, which will increase sales in a retail store by at least 30%. To do this, you will have to create a sales outlet, product or service, for which a person will be ready to leave his usual path. And here USP becomes absolutely irreplaceable. So, the first thing you need to do to increase sales in a retail store is to create a unique product or service.

Tip#4: Advertising and PR

Not everyone can afford local TV spots or billboards on the main city streets, and although these methods are gradually diminishing in their effectiveness, they are still effective with the right approach. We will focus on the methods available to all.

First you need to take the place where people need your product or service. Where will he go to look for in your city? Use the Internet options? Buy a newspaper? Ask friends? Will a person go to the mall? So it is necessary to set traps in these places. Brochures and flyers in some areas are quite even working.

Perfect option is to place advertisements together with information that a potential retail customer might need. It is unlikely that the client will keep the contacts of the ticket office in your city. But if on the reverse side of the flyer there is useful information, the schedule of trains or the addresses of the best catering points in the city, then the probability of saving your booklet increases significantly.

Next, address the Internet. Regardless of the Internet resources’ development in your city, urgently create a website for your store, if it does not exist yet.

Tip#5: Other services

For example, you have a cosmetics store in a small town. How will he make the whole city know about him? It’s very simple, invite a stylist for a month and send out flyers that only during this month a free stylist will work in your store, who will select or correct the image of customers. And in a month, many women will be talking about your store, even those who do not need a stylist and those whose girlfriends were in this store.

Do you sell ordinary plastic windows? Announce that you are renting a device that measures the thermal conductivity of windows and calculates heat losses. Offer it to the market for free and those who are faced with the need to replace windows will remember your company first. Make different bonuses that will attract people from all the city or town to visit your retail store.

Here are the main retail sales tips that may help you increase the income and turnover of your retail store.

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