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Patriot Finance is committed to providing personalized customer service. We work closely with our customers to address their unique financial needs. Patriot offers personal loans, debt consolidation loans, and more, so if you are in the market for a loan, our team is here to help. Patriot is a highly rated consumer finance company - check out some Patriot Finance customer reviews from TrustPilot below:

Personal Loans from Patriot Finance

Debt Consolidation

Unexpected Expenses

Patriot Finance offers debt consolidation loans. Tired of making minimum monthly payments and never seeing your balance decrease? We can help.

We understand that problems come up and are here to help. Contact one of our friendly credit associates to discuss your needs.

Home Improvement

Major Purchases


Remodel, renovate, or update your home. Homeowners can receive higher amounts for their projects.

Use our Personal Loans to purchase appliances, furniture, electronics or other big purchases.

Need to get away? We might be able to help you find your happy place!

Patriot Finance - Funding Financial Freedom

*Loan approval and actual loan terms depend on your ability to meet our standard credit criteria (including credit history, income and debts) and the availability of collateral. Loan amount is also subject to state specific maximum or minimum size restrictions. APR’s are generally higher for loans not secured by a vehicle. Maximum APR is 34%.
We make loans above the illustrative amount(s) mentioned in this advertisement, but the maximum loan size depends on your credit history, with larger loans only available to a small number of highly qualified applicants for secured loans. Must be a Georgia resident as we only offer personal loans in Georgia. The rates and terms of the online installment loans we offer are based on the individual customer and the particulars of their unique financial situation and credit history. Generally, the rates and terms of our loans depend on several factors, including applicant’s credit history, employment history, and loan repayment history, as well as a number of other factors. We offer secured loans and unsecured loans. For our secured loans, we may take a security interest in some item of personal property. For our unsecured loans, all that is needed is your signature. We also specialize in debt consolidation loans.
Sample loan amount of $3,100 for a term of 36 months with a 28% APR would result in 36 equal monthly payments of $128.23. The total amount repayable would be $4,616.28 over the life of the loan. Your actual rate depends on your credit score and credit history, the loan amount, and other factors. There is never a prepayment penalty and there is no down payments required.
It is important to understand the terms of your personal installment loan. We have material available on our site that can help you understand all your credit options and things to consider before taking on a new personal loan.
**Active Duty military, their spouse or dependents covered by the Military Lending Act ("MLA") may not pledge any vehicle as collateral.

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