I am a regular client of this referral service, because everything is fast and, most importantly, convenient. There are no extra cherges or pitfalls. A few clicks on their website and money is transfered on the card. Several times I had to contact their support, the staff here are adequate, polite.

Renae Anderson

I agree with the positive reviews, convenient referral service. Applications are processed quickly, apparently everything is automatically adjusted, money is transferred to the card within 24 business hours. The service is great.

Erika Mooney

A bank with my credit history would definitely denied, but not this referral service! I took $300 to the salary when my husband had an anniversary. Everything is very simple, fast and without pitfalls. Highest mark to the service!

Mary Lovett

I found myself in a completely deplorable situation, came home from work, and my wallet was stolen on the way. It’s good that at least I keep my cards separately at home, so I took out a loan and was able to survive these few weeks before my paycheck.

Christina Baxter


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