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Patriot Finance is a retail finance company that partners with retailers to provide retail finance solutions to their customers. We understand how hard you work to attract customers, and we work with our retail partners to maximize their return on those efforts. Your customers deserve options when it comes to financing their purchases, and Patriot works to provide fair and responsible retail credit financing options. For more information on our retail finance product, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 1-855-729-6769.

Partner with Patriot to increase your sales, reduce your walkouts, and grow your business.

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Increase Sales

Partner with Patriot to increase sales. Give your customers the opportunity to finance their purchases with no money down. Increase your average sale price, bring in more customers, and close more sales!

Reduce Walkouts

Reduce your turndowns and walkouts. Partner with Patriot to get more of your customers approved. If you have a first look financing partner, but don’t have a second look financing company, you are letting sales walk out the door.

Improve CSAT

Retailers who offer financing solutions improve customer satisfaction (CSAT), increase repeat business, and grow word of mouth referral business. Happy customers buy more product.

Fast Approvals

Patriot gives your customers fast approvals. Using our proprietary underwriting models, we look at your customer’s specific situation and can quickly provide answers.

Why Offer Retail Credit Financing Through Patriot Finance?

Patriot provides attractive, fair, and responsible retail finance terms to customers who are active duty military, federal, or state employees or civilians in certain marketplaces. Whether your customer has good credit, is establishing credit, or recovering from bad credit, we have retail finance plans that are attractive and fair. If you are interested in offering your customers in store financing, second look financing, furniture financing, retail credit financing or installment sales financing, contact Patriot today!

  • Increase cash flow.
  • Get an advantage over competition.
  • Stop losing sales due to financing issues.
  • Create loyal customers.
  • Pay a little at a time for large purchases.
  • Get exactly what they want, when they want it.
  • Take advantage of no-interest promotions.
  • Budget their expenses with a set payment.

Patriot Finance provides financing for active duty military, federal and state government employees. We offer retail finance options where traditional lenders fail to understand the unique underwriting required in this space.

Patriot currently offers furniture financing, jewelry financing, appliance financing, electronics financing and more!

Patriot Finance is well capitalized. We work quickly and make consistent credit decisions. We can finance a deal whenever you need it so you don’t miss any opportunities.

Patriot Finance is proud to be a leader in fair and responsible lending in the military credit industry. We finance retail installment contracts – providing the customer clear and easy to understand financing terms.

What our customers say

  • Partnering with Patriot helps me sell more merchandise. It is that simple.
    Online Retail Merchant
  • I have worked with Patriot for over 6 months now. They always willing to work to get a deal done. I highly recommend partnering with Patriot!
    Regional Manager - Retail Furniture Chain
  • My customers love the ability to finance their purchases. My accountant loves our increased cash flow.
    Home Furnishing Retailer

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