Payday Loans in Columbus GA

Columbus is a city in western Georgia, USA. It is the county seat of Muskogee County. The population of the city is 198,413 inhabitants. Columbus, GA is the second most popular city in the state after Atlanta and is located 160 km southwest of the state capital.

What are payday loans in Georgia?

Payday loans, Columbus, GA are small loans that are offered at higher interest rates in comparison with bank loans. To take out an online loan, practically no documents and certificates are required – no certificate of the place of work, solvency, only an ID data. It can be issued only for a short period – from a week to a month. At the same time, the rate of payday loans in ga no credit check can reach 750% per annum, several percent per day.

In what cases is a payday loan GA issued?

Those who want to get cash advance often address lenders in the following cases:

  • when it is impossible to get a traditional bank loan due to lack of work, bad credit history or insufficient guarantees.
  • when there is no sense in taking a regular loan. This happens when you need a small amount for a short term, while banks only issue long-term loans in Columbus.
  • when there is no time to get a loan (you need to collect documents, visit a bank), and get a loan from an online lender is much faster.

Features of best payday loans in Georgia

Only about 80% of licensed microfinance institutions operate remotely. They lend to the population via the Internet. Citizens who decide to apply for payday loans online in Columbus, Georgia should take into account the following features:

  • the loan amount, as a rule, does not exceed $1,000, and upon initial application you will not be given not over this sum of money;
  • the absence of strict requirements for the client, for issuing an online payday loan, it is enough to have an ID and a residence permit on the territory of the country;
  • there is a likelihood of refusal, as MFIs weigh the risks and try to restrict the issuance of such loans due to the high level of delays and the actions of intruders.

It is important to keep in mind that you should not apply for a payday loan for refinancing. The fact is that this way you accumulate a lot of debts and ruin your credit history.

The payment for simplicity and efficiency is a high interest rate, which can exceed 300% per annum, and a rather low amount of money issued. However, given the fact that payday lending is carried out for a short time period (in most cases up to 30 days), the overpayment in absolute terms is quite moderate. The funds received help to solve current problems before receiving income from a permanent source – it is not for nothing that microloan is often called a payday loan in GA.

How to find a reliable lender?

You can search for a payday lender yourself. However, some MFIs practice “gray” ways of working. They use tricks to bypass the bank’s restrictions on interest rate limits and loan overpayments. Popular tricks are:

  • imposing insurance as a compulsory product;
  • automatic inclusion of a paid additional service in the agreement;
  • issuance of a collateralized loan under the guise of an ordinary payday loan (this is how an MFO increases the interest rate by 3 times);
  • debt collection from an already paid loan.

What options of receiving funds are used?

Lending funds can be transferred to the client in various ways:

  • to a bank card;
  • to an e-wallet;
  • to a bank account;
  • through money transfer systems.

How to repay a payday loan debt correctly?

Debt repayment in Columbus can also be done in various ways. Moreover, their composition, as a rule, is broader than when receiving funds. The main thing is to meet the deadline; otherwise, not only basic interest, but also fines will be charged on the remaining debt.

Most companies provide an opportunity to repay debt ahead of schedule (in whole or in part), while interest will be charged only for the actual period of use of the money.

In addition, often in the event of financial difficulties, the client can postpone the maturity of the debt (mainly by 5-30 days) by paying the accrued interest and / or commission.


Fast clearance and convenience. To obtain a loan, it is enough to decide on the organization with which you want to cooperate, as well as register in your personal account on the company’s website. When registering, you must specify the correct data, and then submit an application for receiving funds. In fact, in order to borrow, you only need a computer or phone with Internet access. Each site has an online calculator that can help you calculate how much money you have to pay.

The funds are credited in a few minutes. When applying for a loan at a bank, be prepared to spend more than one day getting certificates from the place of work, looking for guarantors, etc. Bureaucracy takes a lot of time, but this does not apply to payday companies. Issuing a payday loan online, you can count on the funds within 15 minutes. The money can be taken from the office of the company in the form of cash or received a transfer to the card.

Credit history doesn’t matter. Compared to a bank, there is always a risk of refusal, in particular, if one of your relatives has previously made delays. In this regard, payday lenders are more loyal to their clients. As a rule, even if the payment was not made on time, there are no problems with loans.

Favorable terms. The so-called small print, which is often practiced by banks, leads to the fact that the client overpays, and often rather large sums. As for MFIs, such organizations are characterized by transparent terms of cooperation.

Mobility. Compared to the same banks, the lender will issue loans even to those clients who are far from the firm’s office. In other words, physical location doesn’t matter. This is a particularly convenient option for those who are out of town or traveling.