Jewelry Financing

Jewelry Financing

Patriot Finance offers Jewelry Financing options for retailers. We partner with retailers to provide second look financing to their customers. We understand that not all customers fit into traditional lending models, and we work closely with our retail partners to provide fair and responsible second look financing for their customers. We specialize in financing engagement rings, diamonds, and more. If you are looking for a retail finance company that understands your customers, Patriot can help.

Why Jewelry Financing

Considering offering Second Look Jewelry Financing for your customers? Here are just some of the reasons offering this type of financing benefits both your business and your customer:

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Stop losing customers for credit related issues. Offer second look jewelry financing to turn rejections into sales!

Improve Satisfaction

Improve Satisfaction

Getting turned down for credit can be frustrating and embarrassing. Offering second look jewlery financing gives you the opportunity to save the relationship with your customer when your first look lender turned down the credit.

Drive Referrals

Drive Referrals

Customers will spread the word when they find a retailer willing to work with them to get a deal done. Increase foot traffic and built brand awareness.

Patriot understands your customer’s unique credit challenges. We work with our retail partners to get deals done. Want to increase your sales?

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Why Patriot?

Patriot understands the unique credit needs of your customers. While traditional first look financing companies underwrite what is traditionally seen as “good” credit, we work with our retail partners to see past “credit issues”. Whether your customer is has limited credit experience or recovering from bad credit, we can work to structure a fair and responsible second look motorsports financing arrangement. We use both traditional credit scores combined with our own proprietary credit modeling to assess your customers. Further, we look at your customer’s unique situation.

If you are interested in providing second look jewelry financing, or want to see what other retail financing options are out there for your customers, Patriot can help.