How Well Do You Manage Your Credit Score?

How Well Do You Manage Your Credit Score?

According to a recent study by, Atlanta ranks as the 5th worst city in the country when it comes to managing its money. The research, which looked at credit score by city adjusted for a few variables, found that the average credit score in Atlanta was only 652 as compared with a 664 in Los Angeles for instance. When it comes to the rankings, Atlanta only bested Miami, Tampa, Washington, D.C, and Baltimore.

Credit Card Debt

As we have written before, working to improve your credit score has direct impact on your cost of credit and your ability to borrow. One way many customers work to improve their credit score is through a debt consolidation loan – paying off credit card debt and reducing their credit card utilization rates. Other basic steps include making sure you pay your bills on time, not requesting credit too often, and increasing the amount of your available credit lines.

If you are in the market for a debt consolidation loan as part of your strategy to improve your credit, you want to make sure you are borrowing from a lender that reports credit and that has a good reputation. Also, you want to make sure you can afford the scheduled monthly payments so that you can make your payments timely – failing to make your payment timely will put you right back in the situation of hurting your credit score!

So, ask yourself, are you doing all you can to better manage your money? What steps are you taking to improve your credit score?

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