20 Books Every Retailer Should Read

20 Books Every Retailer Should Read#1. Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell

It is a treasure trove of ethical selling principles, collecting customer information and using it correctly. The book will teach you how to retain a client not with discounts, but with a sincere desire to make every customer happy. Ideal for business owners and marketing departments.

#2. Delivering happiness by Tony Hsieh

If you have lost motivation, then this book is for you. This is an incendiary story of a young businessman about how to develop a multimillion-dollar business from scratch in 10 years. “Talking one-on-one” with Tony through his book will be interesting for owners and managers of companies.

#3. Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

The retail book that has become the bible of big, corporate sales. Spin Selling is based on Huthwait’s extensive research on effective selling. Neil Rackham’s negotiation technique will teach you how to ask the right questions. This is a unique book for salespeople, marketers, and executives.

#4. “Say No First” by Jim Camp

The book is dedicated to the art of negotiations. Do your clients often resort to manipulation and beg for favorable terms? Just tell them no. If you don’t know how to face a strong opponent, but want to conduct successful negotiations, this book is for you.

#5. Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World by Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath’s book is suitable for newbies and seasoned salespeople. It will help you understand key skills and determine the necessary methodologies for making active sales. After all, in order to become a cool “huckster”, you have to think quickly and make decisions even faster. And Flexible Selling will teach you this.

#6. Key Account Management by Stephan Schiffman

The book is intended for sales professionals. Stephan Schiffman is the United States’ top corporate sales coach. His book contains tons of tips for growing your business and developing an effective sales growth plan. But most importantly, with its help you will learn how to establish strategic contacts with influential persons and achieve their trust.

#7. Hard Selling by Dan Kennedy

“Concrete” book from business sales coach Dan Kennedy, for those who need to be direct and to the point. Here you will not find motivational speeches and beautiful words. Only the lines on the forehead about the techniques. With them, you will sell more and faster, perhaps even gain the gift of persuasion.

#8. Sales Champions by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

What distinguishes the average from the sales champion? Each of us thought about experience and knowledge of secret sales techniques, but no. Even 100 books and top 10 sales coaches won’t help you earn more. Because you need to cultivate champion qualities in yourself. And Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson will tell you how.

#10. Customers for Life: How to Turn That One-Time Buyer Into a Lifetime Customer

A book for business beginners looking for development paths. The authors advise to rely on regular customers, teach to attract and retain a buyer. This is a practical recommendation for organizing the work of an enterprise, merchandising and marketing.

Technique and theory of sales

This is part of an article for beginners and medium level salespeople. No purposeless info – just techniques, approaches and strategies. A section for those who want to improve their sales skills.

#1. Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer-Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch

John Jantsch teaches the sales team to be friends with marketing. After all, in order for the client to have the right impression of the brand, both the marketing department and the seller must work. The book forms a new view of sales and teaches how to implement marketing strategies in them.

#2. A full-time salesman. Cool strategies of a professional ”, Vladimir Yakuba

Vladimir Yakuba is a trading business expert and a famous business coach. His techniques have been tested hundreds of times in practice and are suitable for both large sales and small retailers. A book for everyone and everything related to sales.

#3. Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath

The book is about how to make B2B sales even more effective: how to find new customers, start an efficient partnership, expand the offer and increase sales in one deal. The sales techniques suggested by the author are suitable for companies of different sizes.

#4. Secrets of sales for all occasions by Yitzhak Pintosevich

A training book on how to be 100% percent confident in your work, enjoy trading, constantly grow and learn new things. The author will help you get rid of fear and stereotypes in sales.

#5. Sales Mind: 48 Tools to Help You Sell by Helen Kensett

These are 48 of the coolest selling tools with lots of diagrams and useful illustrations. You will learn to be psychologically aware of sales, collect customer data, get involved quickly, and be open to new information. Read it yourself and suggest it to your colleagues.

#6. Proactive Sales by Albert Tutin

A great retail book with tons of case studies and innovative ideas. You will learn to identify the needs of the client at a glance and automatically select the very same technique to make a sale. And most importantly, learn to control the sellers’ work process.

#7. 12 Steps to Selling Anything to Anyone by John Hoover & Bill Sparkman

The book is about how to sell a lot and use only working techniques. You will gain insight into customer impact and learn to close deals faster and sell more. Good methodological material on sales techniques.

#8. Sales Blazers: 8 Goal-Shattering Strategies from the World’s Top Sales Leaders by Mark Cook

A book based on the experience of companies that regularly surprise the trading world with impressive sales. Mark Cook offers 8 strategies for sales growth and business development. If you are struggling to outrun your competitors and lack motivation, then this book is for you.

How to negotiate correctly?

#1. You Can Agree On Anything by Gavin Kennedy

Our whole life is negotiations. Be it a correspondence with a client or a request to raise the salary from the authorities. Gavin Kennedy will teach the components and tactics of the negotiation process. There are tasks in the book, after completing them, you will understand how wrong your strategy was before reading this book.

#2. Perfect Pitch. A revolutionary way to close big deals by Oren Cluff

A book about the unique STRONG technique, which was developed and tested by the author. You will learn how to win the audience’s attention from the first seconds, beautifully wrap up your idea so that people want to buy it. And also don’t be afraid of uncomfortable questions. This is a book for a wide audience.

#3. Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training. by. Karen Pryor

Karen Payor offers a simple technique to get people to do as you please. It’s all about the system of positive and negative reinforcement. This book will make you more successful and efficient.

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